Dragon of the Month - JUN.2020

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The Dragons Breath Heaven on Earth Project is the tale of the Dragons and their return to Earth. It is the tale of two beings and their gripping partnership whilst volunteering for a seemingly impossible task. It is a tale of co-creation and respect, sprinkled with delightful Dragon humour. Will the Dragons find a way back? Will these two beings succeed in overcoming their physical limitations and live out their multi-dimensionality in a normal world? This story is a journey written on many levels, weaving the visible with the invisible, the ethereal with the physical. Can the Heaven on Earth Project become reality, or is it all just a distant fantasy?
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Ana & Antoinette Working With Dragon Energy

Ana & Antoinette shared some of their own journeys and insights of working with Dragons and then lead us through two amazing activations to enable us to connect and work with Dragon Energy ourselves.  These activations were so powerful and not to be missed.  The first was an activation to  co-create prosperity and abundance with Dragon Energy and the second was to release karmic energy around 'Revenge' clearing our familial and ancestral blood lines past and future.  We also discussed the Dragons Global and Universal mission and they can assist people who feel attracted to work with them on our own ascension journeys.

It was a joy and an honour to share space with these powerful, loving, compassionate and magical beings!

FREE GIFT: Ana and Antoinette are generously giving the audience of the Mundane to Magical Summit 2 free lessons from their ‘Working with Dragons’ online course!  This is the perfect opportunity for you to start reconnecting with these extraordinary cosmic protectors and explore the immense potential they can bring to your life. Ana and Antoinette's FREE Gift


     "For my Highest Good, the Highest Good of all beings,
and the Highest Good of the Planet"

  Antoinette O'Connell e Ana Vida


Dragon Energy Center

Our goal is to help people become more aware of themselves and their processes, enabling everyone to generate more loving, harmonious, and collaborative relationships among all people, all beings and the Planet.

With Gratitude,
With Respect,
With Love and
With Happiness ...
Antoinette O'Connell e Ana Vidal


"At night the Baby Diamond helped me make a cosmic reconnection, I felt it because I saw us flying among the stars. Immediately I felt a lot moving in my chest, in the heart area, like it was removing some stones from those areas. "
Luciana Kayano Makiyama 

"Thank you, dear ones, for using your channelling work to help solving life and ascension issues."
Milka, floral therapist - 36 years old - São Paulo

"Thank you so much for sharing the magic of this important journey.

I write with tears falling on the keyboard ... what beautiful pictures I saw, I cannot describe my emotions.

I travelled freely, time stopped completely and afterwards I was able to carry on with renewed energy with my challenged day which was making me feel very tired until I took the Dragon essence.

Sonya L. Pizani

"I feel like another person! I became much lighter and I can now trust my dreams. I'm glad the Dragons opened the way. I think it brought more kindness to my life."
Marisa Bortoletto


Celebrating 14 years in Brazil, England and Ireland

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