Dragon Coaching (Online or presential)

How to become a Co-creation Master


Module I e II

Personal Healing, Empowerment and Co-Creation, Family, Environment and Planet Healing

Module III e IV

The Energy of Dragons - Development, Co-Creation of the life that you dream and the planet that you want to live

Module V - Golden Dragon Table

Family, Environment and Planet Healing

Healing with Dragons

Energizing and Healing by the Hands

Common questions

The courses offered by Dragon Center are designed to:

  • People who are already working in the Holistic area and want to expand their potential further,
  • Floral therapists who want to expand their field of expertise, expand and accelerate healing possibilities by combining Dragons with other systems,
  • Individuals who are interested in their own development without necessarily wanting to make a career in this area,
  • People who are tired of being good and are ready to express their divinity.
  • For those in a hurry to see positive results in your life and your customers.
  • For those who have an affinity with the Dragon image, based on sensations that recall a memory of times when humans and Dragons were friends,
  • For parents, mothers, uncles, grandparents, children's cousins who are in love with Dragons and want to understand where this comes from.
  • And for all of the human race who suspect they originally came from another planet, star, constellation, or universe.

The essences, letters, mandalas of the Dragon Center are tools that can be combined with any practice, such as:

  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Feng-Shui
  • Floral and Crystal Therapies.
  • Reiki, Healing, Pranic Healing and other energy healing modalities
  • Family Constellation
  • Medical and psychology office
  • People training
  • Human Resources
  • And many other possibilities.

People who take the Dragon Center courses have several things in common:

  • A rebellious spirit
  • Difficulty in following strict rules
  • Think with your own head and want to continue doing this
  • They have gone through various spiritual practices and are interested in deepening their direct contact with the Source,
  • Disappointed with your spiritual leaders and are looking for another way to deal with your spirituality, mediumship and sensitivity
  • They are interested in creating a better life for themselves, their families, clients and friends.
  • They feel a strong impulse that they do not understand, but they end up following their intuition (or slight push),
  • Like Dragon without necessarily knowing why.

"There are experiences in life that profoundly expand our knowledge about ourselves and provide us with profound personal transformations." There are others through which we increase our understanding of social life, our role in the community in which we live and together with humanity as a whole. Still others, are charged with enlarging our perception of the whole and opening us to the transcendence and connection with wholeness, with the divine in us and in nature. Rarest are the experiences that allow us to gather, in a single opportunity, all these possibilities of expansion of consciousness. The vibrational essences "Dragon Essences" and his work associated with the dragon mandala is an example of the latter.
I feel happy and honored to be empowering myself to work with these energies in an ever more intense and profound way.

Maria Virginia Souza Alves