Healing with Dragons

Energizing and Healing by the Hands

The course introduces the basic principles and techniques of Healing for people with or without hands-on healing experience.

Healing is a safe, natural therapy that triggers the healing process on several levels (physical, mental and emotional). This is by the action of the energy that radiates from the hands of the practitioner. In England, Healing is used to promote health and personal development.


During the course the following topics will be addressed:

  • Healing and healing techniques (self-healing) to remove blockages of body, mind and spirit
  • Recognition of hand sensitivity for energy harmonization
  • Knowledge, activation, cleansing and balance of the body's energy centers (chakras)
  • Cause, effect and disease prevention
  • The power of words, thoughts and attitudes in the healing process
  • Self-protection and anchoring
  • Distance healing techniques
  •   Developing intuition when working with Healing

I did an experiment with the dragons stock and it was incredible.

My husband has fair skin like mine and is sensitive to the sun like any fair-skinned person. A few weeks ago he had a little sign in the upper part of the hand that started scratching and was already opening a wound. He had shown me and commented that I should see a doctor to check. But he was not soon.

Then I had the idea of getting a piece of cotton and dripping a few drops of the pure stock of "Purple", put on the wound and fixed with a band-aid. The next morning he reported that he had stopped scratching, so I re-applied the application a few more times. On the third day I was completely healed leaving only a scar mark that remains to this day.

I was very happy with the result.

The Dragons are D + ... ..AMOOOOOO Mto! Kisses

Tatiana V F Breitenbach