Dragons are one of the most powerful symbols in the history of humanity. Despite having no actual proof of their existence, their stories have lived throughout time and amongst many cultures. Our experience shows that Dragons are elemental beings; they have the ability to connect their energy with ours to form bridges that help us to expand our consciousness and grow in awareness.

With their guidance we can fully understand the concept of what it means to be whole.

What is a Dragon?

Dragons are elemental beings with intelligent fields of conscious energy; they hold the knowledge of the universe. Once we lose our fear, Dragons will help us by opening the doors to universal wisdom and energies. The fields of consciousness created by the Dragons are capable of building bridges and portals to other dimensions; bringing higher levels of consciousness and pure energies to earth.

Why are there Dragons here?

Their mission is to guide humans to co-create a new way of living harmoniously with nature and the Earth so we can evolve to our highest potential as human beings. The Dragons have to be asked to help as they will not interfere with our free will and insist that we co-create with them. But once asked their action is fast and immediate. Dragon energies are the conscious intelligent energies connected to the elements of the periodic table. They claim themselves to be the engineers who brought the elements together to form our Planet Earth and everything we know in our third dimensional world.

What is a field of consciousness?

Energy is the condensed light that built everything from the planet to human beings. It is also the vital force without which we would have no physical animation. How strong we are depends on the amount of energy we have, without energy there is no life and without consciousness there is no intelligence. In fact, all matter is light and every form of life has a level of consciousness.

Fields of consciousness are the intelligent energies that hold the pattern of energy that creates matter, giving it structure, design and shape.

The Dragons field of consciousness are capable of building bridges and portals to other dimensions; bringing higher levels of consciousness and pure energies to earth.

What is Co-creation?

Co-creation happens naturally whenever our soul or inner knowing inspires us to take action and follow our passion or pursue our life purpose. However, it isn't always easy to listen to those quiet yearnings deep inside ourselves. We can become lazy and, without lifting a finger, choose to let the winds of fate blow us where they will.

Co-creation is really about getting in the game and doing your part to manifest your desires or meet your goals. Of course, you can always try to create something without your partner (God, Creator, the Universe, Higher self, or whatever you choose to call it), but good luck getting there. Know that we are not alone, and help is available.

Co-create Something Fabulous

When you call upon the Dragons for assistance, or ask your higher self for guidance don't sit back and leave the heavy lifting to them. Put some of your own energy into getting what you want or in finding the resolution to a problem. Co-creation is really about acknowledging that you are responsible for your own life.

The Dragon Energies are helping us to discover co-creative skills to help us solve our human problems. They teach us to transform and cleanse old negative energy patterns to make way for the new inspirational energies now available. Their goal is to strengthen and expand our perception of the interconnection of all living things on the planet. The Dragons lead us to improve communication and mutual understanding, allowing us to reach peaceful solutions where everyone is a winner.