First Aid Essences

Ambient Sprays

These essences were co-created to help the elemental energy beings of the Earth who are working hard to help our planet return to balance and heal the damage and harm we humans have caused to our Earth.

The 'Elementals' or 'Nature Beings' play very important roles to facilitate life on our planet. They are key to our continuation and survival of Earth and they are currently in great strife trying to cope with the conditions human activities have created at this time.

Their mission is to energetically purify the air, facilitate growth and allow life on the physical plane to exist. Their work is of immense value, as they keep the energies of Nature in balance after damage such as deforestation, air and water pollution.

To them we offer these essences with deepest gratitude and recognition for their work in the hope that we can all help restore Nature to its full glory.

These are non-profit essences, as we want to encourage all the people who are interested in this kind of work to be able to assist the elementals in the area where they live.


This essence assists the water elements the Ondines, Nymphs, Water Sprites and others to cleanse the water pollution. Especially in areas where rubbish is dumped and chemicals, detergents and untreated sewerage are being diverted into the water systems. It will help areas which have suffered with oil spills.

How to use: Spray 3 times to rivers, streams, beaches, lakes, puddles, sinks, toilets, sewages and anywhere else where you feel drawn.


This essence is to help to Sylphs and Sylphons to do their job of cleansing the air that we breathe. Currently with toxic emissions in the atmosphere, air traffic and city pollutions their work has increased enormously. From all the groups these are the elementals who are struggling and who most need our help, our blessings and support.

How to use: Spray 3 times in the air in areas where the air is still pure, in polluted areas spray frequently. Or follow your intuition.


This is a combination of essences which was created to help areas which have suffered deforestation, excessive farming with chemicals and artificial fertilizers and GMO crops. To restore the balance of nature you need the Earth Elementals to return (Gnomes, Fairies, Elfs, Pixies, Imps and Others) to prepare the earth for regrowth. Without their help the area is dead and lifeless.

How to use: Spray into the water systems and treat all living plants and trees with this essence. It is good to put a few sprays into a bowl of water and leave it in the area for the nature beings to use.